Data Storytelling


Course Duration

2 Days

Delivery Format

Classroom, Virtual Training, Hybrid

*This class is subject to confirmation, a minimum of 3 pax/class is required.

Data Storytelling training is to equip individuals with the skills to effectively communicate insights and narratives derived from data. This training aims to bridge the gap between data analysis and effective communication, enabling participants to convey complex data-driven messages in a compelling and understandable way.


  • understanding, engagement, and action.
  • effectively communicate insights from data,
  • influence decisions, and contribute to the success of their organizations or projects.


  • Executives and above


Lesson 1: Introduction to Data Storytelling and Its


  • Explanation of data storytelling and its role in making informed decisions.
  • Understanding how data storytelling adds value to banking operations.
  • Overview of key components of a compelling data story.

Lesson 2: Foundation of Effective Data Presentation

  • Principles of effective data visualization.
  • Choosing appropriate chart types for different data scenarios.
  • Using Excel’s charting tools for impactful visual representation.

Lesson 3: Crafting a Data-driven Narrative

  • Identifying the story’s objective and target audience.
  • Structuring data-driven narratives – introduction, conflict, resolution.
  • Incorporating real-world banking scenarios into data stories.


Final Project (Hands-on Data Visualization in Excel)

  • Creating visually appealing charts and graphs in Excel.
  • Customizing visuals for clarity and emphasis.
  • Using data labels, legends, and titles effectively.
  • Participants work on a hands-on project to apply the concepts learned.
  • Reviewing the projects and addressing any questions.
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