DT: Design Thinking Solution

Course Outline

  • Are you solving the right problems? Even, you may have the solutions, are they innovative enough? Have you ever been into a situation where you tried to find a solution to a problem only to realize you’ve been focusing on the wrong problem from the very beginning? Or you’ve proposed a solution only to have it shut down by your boss or co-workers? How stressful and defeating is that? With massive changes in our world that seem to create the most difficult of circumstances, both personally and professionally, your skills as analytical thinker and problem solver need to be further empowered now more than ever.
  • This course will equip you with a ‘tool-box’, on how to analyse problems critically in order to solve the problems creatively using design thinking methodology. Design thinking is at the heart of analytical and creative thought. Design is a unique form of problem solving that involves building solutions to problems that have no correct or pre-determined solution. As designers work through the problem space and the solution space of a design challenge, they utilize skills from each of the four components of analytical and creative thinking.

Course Duration

5 Days

Delivery Format


*This class is subject to confirmation, a minimum of 10 pax/class is required.


This course will prepare you to:

  • Comprehend the use of various tools in design thinking methodology to develop analytical thinking and generate creative ideas.
  • Display the integration of creative and analytical skills in adapting design thinking paradigm to make judgement and decision effectively and confidently.
  • Present a competitive customer experience as a basis in problem solving and embrace design thinking to understand the pain points and opportunities for maximum impact and deliver.


  • Executives and above


  • Innovation and Creativity
    • Innovate or die?
    • Design Thinking and Creativity
    • Design Thinking Methodology
    • Creativity is Learnable: How?
  • Empathy and Analytical Thinking
    • Questioning Technique
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Framing the Right Problems
    • Observe and Immerse
    • Customer Experience Journey Map
    • Empathy Map
  • Design Analysis
    • Positive Inquiry
    • Verbing technique
    • Using Point of View (POV) statement
  • Generating Creative Ideas
    • How Might We – HMW statement
    • Ideate creatively
    • The power of Imagination Technique
    • Brain Dump for Ideas Generation
    • Novel Possibilities
  • Prototype the Solutions
    • Visualization Technique
    • Prototyping Approaches
    • Prototype: to fail fast and cheap
    • Playfulness
  • Refining and Pitching
    • Text Defined in the Context of Design Thinking
    • Testing Mechanisms and Tools to Fail Fast and Cheap
    • Evaluation Matrix: Desirability, Feasibility, Viability, Sustainability
    •  Business Model Canvas: Comprehensive tool to analyze ideas
  • Sustaining Creativity and Analytical Mind
    • Iteration
    • Creative and Analytical Mind by Design (Paradigm)
    • Sustainable Innovation
    • A Sustainable Business Model
    • Innovation Culture
    • Innovation Attitudes
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