Finance for Non-Finance


Course Duration

2 Days

Delivery Format

Classroom, Virtual Training, Hybrid

*This class is subject to confirmation, a minimum of 3 pax/class is required.

There is a significant knowledge gap among Managers in understanding financial principles. This knowledge gap may hinder their ability to make informed financial decisions, allocate resources effectively, and contribute to the financial health and sustainability of the organization, potentially leading to suboptimal outcomes and financial mismanagement. By attending the course on Finance for Non-Finance, Cloud Analytics managers will be equipped with skills and knowledge of Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Profit or Loss, Preparing Full Sets of Accounts and Introduction to Budgeting and Forecasting.


  • This course will prepare you to:
  • Learn how to prepare financial statements (Income Statements and Statement of Financial Position.
  • Interpret accounting information to assist daily work and to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the business.
  • Learn how to address and communicate financial issues effectively.


  • Non-Finance personnel


Module 1: Introduction to Help

Module 2: Statement of Financial Position

  • Fixed Asset Listing
  • Depreciation
  • Accumulated Depreciation
  • Provision for Doubtful debts
  • Bad debts
  • Accrual
  • Repayment

Module 3: Statement of Profit or Loss

  • Statement of Changes in Equity

Module 4: Statement of Cash Flows

  • Notes to Financial Statements

Module 5: Introduction to Cost Accounting

  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Financial Statement Analysis

Module 6: Introduction to Auditing

  • Filing
  • Labelling

Module 7: Introduction to Taxation

  • Capital Allowance
  • Non-Allowable Expense

Module 8: Preparing Full Sets of Accounts

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