GRC100: Principles of SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance



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This course provides foundation knowledge for SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) 12.0. By gaining familiarity with this solution’s harmonized navigation, common functions, shared master data, and the harmonized reporting framework, you will be better able to get the most value out of using the integrated applications in SAP GRC

Course Duration

2 Days

Delivery Format

Classroom, Virtual Live Classroom, Hybrid

*This class is subject to confirmation, a minimum of 3 pax/class is required.


This course will prepare you to:

  • Introduce SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) 12.0
  • Identify key governance, risk, and compliance processes supported in the SAP GRC 12.0 solution
  • Describe key features and business benefits of the integrated solution
  • Identify applications that integrate with the SAP GRC 12.0 solution
  • Describe the purpose and location of key user interface components
  • Discuss harmonized navigation and how authorizations affect what users see
  • Describe how common functions and relative master data are shared across the SAP GRC solutions
  • Describe the IMG organization for GRC 12.0
  • Describe a general implementation process and key steps


  • Implementation Consultants
  • Key Technical Business Users involved in a GRC 12.0 project
  • IT Governance Experts
  • Consultants for SAP Security and GRC IT Auditors
  • Business Project Team Leaders


  • Introduction to SAP Governance, Risk, and compliance (GRC) 12.0
    • Solution Introduction
    • Solution Overview – Enterprise Risk and Compliance
    • Solution Overview – Access Governance
    • Solution Overview – International Trade Management
    • Solution Overview – Cybersecurity
  • Information Architecture, Security, and Authorizations
    • Understanding the SAP Fiori Concept and Architecture
    • Security and Authorizations
  • The SAP GRC 12.0 User Interface
    • Work Centers
    • SAP Fiori
  • Common Functions and Data
    • User Interface Configuration Framework
    • Shared Master Data
  • Implementation and Configuration
    • Streamlined Configuration
  • Reporting
    • Harmonized Reporting Framework
    • SAP HANA Integration
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GRC100: Principles of SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance
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