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In today’s dynamic business environment, understanding the fundamentals of Human Resources (HR) is crucial for all professionals, regardless of their primary role. The “HR for Non-HR Personnel” training program is designed to bridge the knowledge gap for employees who are not part of the HR department but are required to deal with HRrelated tasks or decisions as part of their roles. Over the course of two days, this program provides a comprehensive overview of key HR functions and equips participants with essential skills to handle HR-related responsibilities effectively. The training sessions are structured to offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Participants will engage in various activities, including interactive lectures, role-playing, case studies, and group discussions, fostering an environment of active learning and real-world application. The program covers a wide range of topics, from recruitment and selection, employee relations, performance management, to legal aspects of HR, compensation, benefits, and aligning HR strategy with business objectives. This program is ideal for managers, team leaders, and professionals from non-HR departments who frequently interact with HR processes or who are expected to take on HR-related responsibilities. By the end of the training, participants will gain a solid understanding of HR principles and practices, enabling them to contribute more effectively to their organization’s HR functions.


To equip non-HR professionals with a comprehensive understanding of fundamental HR practices and principles, enabling them to effectively undertake HR-related tasks in their roles.


  • Group: Non-HR Practitioners, business owners, CEO’s
    Experience Level: Doing or about to do a leadership role, business owners or running a business

Specific Learning Objectives:

1) Understanding HR Roles and Responsibilities:
a) Gain a clear understanding of the various roles and functions within an HR department.
b) Recognize the significance of HR practices in the overall success of an organization.

2) Recruitment and Selection:
a) Learn effective techniques for recruiting and selecting the right candidates.
b) Understand the legal and ethical considerations in the hiring process.

3) Employee Relations:
a) Develop skills to manage employee relations and conflict resolution.
b) Understand the importance of fostering a positive work environment.

4) Performance Management:
a) Learn how to conduct meaningful performance reviews.
b) Understand the process of providing constructive feedback and managing performance issues.

5) Training and Development:
a) Understand the basics of employee training and professional development.
b) Learn how to identify training needs and evaluate training effectiveness.

6) Legal Aspects of HR:
a) Gain knowledge of key employment laws and legal responsibilities in HR practices.
b) Understand the implications of non-compliance with employment laws.

7) Compensation and Benefits:
a) Learn about different compensation structures and employee benefits.
b) Understand how to align compensation and benefits with organizational goals.

8) HR Strategy and Business Alignment:
a) Understand how HR strategies contribute to achieving business objectives.
b) Learn the importance of aligning HR practices with the overall business strategy.

By achieving these objectives, the program will enable participants to confidently handle HR-related duties within their roles, thereby enhancing the efficiency of their departments and contributing positively to their organization’s HR function. The goal is to provide non-HR personnel with a foundational understanding of HR principles and practices. This will enable them to handle basic HR tasks within their departments, improve inter-departmental collaboration, and contribute effectively to the HR processes of the organization.

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HR for Non-HR Personnel
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