LDP: Leadership Development Programme

Course Outline

  • This course is designed to help Manager and Leaders deal with real life challenges in today’s business environment. This Leadership Development programme is a customized programme focuses on the interpersonal skills required to be a great leader as well as address real issues facing Managers such as being flexible and adaptable to the current business environment, being empowered,  delegating effectively, managing self, avoidance of micromanagement and others.
  • Most people in supervisory, managerial, or other positions of leadership have exceptionally strong technical skills but are not equally strong in their interpersonal skills. This is because most people are hired and promoted based on how well they perform the “operational” functions of a position.
  • This course will benefit both new and experienced leaders in concentrating on the necessary skills to fine-tune their relationship-building skills.

Course Duration

3 Days

Delivery Format


*This class is subject to confirmation, a minimum of 10 pax/class is required.


This course will prepare you to:

  • be able understand practical leadership tools and techniques that can be applied immediately.
  • be able to use effective communication techniques with subordinates.
  • be able to engage and provide feedbacks to Employees.
  • be able to encourage Managers to practice ‘effective delegation’ rather than too much micro-handling themselves.
  • be able to practice effective Problem-solving skills as a Manager.
  • be able Master the techniques of Communications, engaging and be a competent leader via exercising “Leadership by Example’.
  • be able to Manage Time effectively & prioritization methods at workplace


  • Managers and above


  • Understanding yourself: Assessment and reflecting it – Your role as the manager? What is expected?
    • Expectations from being a Manager (Competencies and values) -Transition.
    • Your experience (strengths and challenges of yourself); Identifying what can be improved as part of Succession Planning (being ready to be part of Management)
    • SWOT analysis: Individual
    • Self-aware, self-critical and takes remedial action.
  • Effective leadership Communications (using NLP Techniques)
    • Recognize what effective Leadership communication really is
    • Cascading down the Senior Management’s Vision and objectives to subordinates
    • Engaging with subordinates as vital skill of Leadership
    • Verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Managing people: organizing & effective delegating: minimizing micromanagement
    • Tips on how to delegate effectively
    • Determine current skills in organizing and delegating
    • Identify steps in the organization and delegation process
    • Responsibilities and process
    • Why Managers should delegate and avoid micro-handling of tasks strategies
  • Managing people: the crucial skill of engaging & providing feedback
    • Is your current leadership style effective enough towards building the ‘engageable and approachable leader’?
    • Providing effective feedback for subordinate’s development
    • Skills of emphatic listening : Going beyond conventional listening; capable of active listening and open to feedback
    • Consequences of ‘not engaging’ with sub-ordinates
    • Seeing the benefits of engagement
  • Time management & effective planning (Self-Management)
    • Importance of Time Management for Managers
    • Planning and organizing resources on daily basis
    • Using Covey’s matrix for effective Prioritization
    • Establish priorities systematically, differentiating between urgent, important, and unimportant tasks.
  • Problem solving and decision making
    • The need to think creatively and think ‘Out of the Box’
    • Using Fish-bone Analysis and Root Cause Analysis methodology for Problem solving
    • Application of these tools in real life situations
    • Decision making skills (complimenting management with various options to decide)
  • Personal action plan (pap)
    • Recap and take-home message from session
    • Individuals identify 3 Key Personal Action Plan for self-improvement
    • Individual PAP
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