MSP: Master Sales Professional

Course Outline

  • Selling is complex: that’s undeniable. To achieve good results, you have to sell the right products or service, and most importantly, sell them right.
  • In today’s ever-changing world, modern techniques in professional selling are needed. Needs change and customers are elusive. Relationships need to be built quickly and competitors are not letting up in the “war” of trying to win over the customers, very probably yours!
  • This practical program addresses the sales challenges from the mainstay of selling, service, communication and personal development angles. It aims to answer the many complexities found in the tough world of selling.

Course Duration

2 Days

Delivery Format


*This class is subject to confirmation, a minimum of 10 pax/class is required.


This course will prepare you to:

  • Take actions to develop a customer centered sales mindset
  • Provide an analysis and act on buyer’s motivations to buy
  • Learn techniques to prospect for buyers
  • Generate prospecting channels
  • Build and strengthen buyers’ relations with the proper approach, enhanced listening skills and powerful body language
  • Identify, communicate and tailor make their selling styles to the different types of buyers using D.I.S.C techniques
  • Sell better by asking the relevant questions to be able to Manage Time effectively & prioritization methods at workplace Clarify and develop buyer’s needs
  • Match buyer’s needs to the product
  • Understand buyer’s Concerns
  • Utilize techniques to address buyer’s concerns
  • Know how to address Price Concerns
  • Use methods to gain commitment to purchase of product
  • Read buying signals
  • Employ tactics to stay relevant and visible


  • All sales personnel


  • The Selling Mindset and Prospecting
    • What is Selling to You?
    • What is Prospecting to You?
    • Setting Goals for Prospecting
    • The Prospecting Pillars
    • Generating Prospecting Channels
  • Understanding and Qualifying Your Prospects
    • What Motivates a Buyer.
    • Connecting Buyer’s Motivations with Your Product.
    • Qualifying Your Prospects
  • Cultivating the Selling Personality
    • The Right Approach: The Psychological and Emotional Impact of Words in Selling
    • Listening in Selling
    • Body Language in the Selling Process
  • Making The Sale
    • The 5 Stages of a Sales Call
    • Explore & Develop Buyer’s Needs
    • Questioning Techniques
    • Match Buyer’s Needs with Your Product
  • Addressing Objections
    • What are Objections
    • Reasons For Objections and When to Handle It
    • Strategy To Handle Objections
    • Handling Price Concerns
  • Seeking and Gaining Commitment
    • Facts About Commitment
    • What, When and How To seek Commitment
    • Techniques for Gaining Commitment.
    • Closing Tactics
  • Selling To the Different Buyers’ Styles with D.I.S.C (Demanding, Interactive, Compliant, Steady)
    • The Different Buyer’s Behaviors and D.I.S.C
    • Dealing With the Different D.I.S.C
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