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Course Outline

Course announcements
Please note that with the speed of updates to SAP Analytics Cloud, we endeavor to update this course quarterly.
The course material will be delivered in English.
This course is a deep-dive course. Please ensure you have taken the SAC01 course or have equivalent foundational knowledge of the overview topics covered in that course.

Course Duration
5 Days

Delivery Format
Classroom, Virtual Live Classroom, Hybrid

*This class is subject to confirmation, a minimum of 3 pax/class is required.


This course will prepare you to:

  • This course provides all the knowledge you need to create analytic applications in SAP Analytics Cloud with lots of hands-on exercises.


  • BW and SAP HANA consultants
  • SAP BusinessObjects Consultants
  • Power Users and managers inside business functions of the business
  • Business Analyst


  • Overview and Positioning
    • Overview and Positioning of SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer
    • Key Capabilities
    • Stories vs. Analytic Applications
  • Basic Application Design & Layout Techniques
    • Using different modes of an application
    • Working with various widgets like Crosstab, Chart, Filterline, Tab Pages, etc
    • Positioning of widgets
  • Advanced Application Design with Scripting
    • Introduction to scripting
    • Using script events, local and global variables, arrays
    • Using URL parameters
    • Working with conditional execution statements
    • Working with global script functions
    • Looping the result set
    • Using the timer
    • Debugging script
  • Advanced Layout Design
    • Using Themes and CSS
    • Defining dynamic application design for mobile scenarios
  • Performance Considerations
    • Understanding performance best practices
    • Understanding the technical processing of applications
  • Export and Distribution Options
    • Export to PDF / CSV / Excel
    • Publications
    • Data Change Insights
    • Bookmarks
  • Additional Application Functionality
    • R-Visualization
    • Smart Features
    • Managing Applications
  • Inbound and Outbound Integration with External Information or Applications
    • Using oData calls to S/4HANA
    • Using the Post Message API to embed an analytic application in a Host HTML page and a web page to an analytic application
    • Including RSS feeds to application
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SACAD1: SAP Analytics Cloud: Analytics Designer
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