SM: Stress Management Solution

Course Outline

  • This Stress Management training course is designed to help individuals develop and implement effective strategies in dealing with stress at the personal or organizational level and manage stress in the workplace effectively. During this training, participants will learn various techniques, which will help them to reduce and handle the stress that impacts their daily lives.

Course Duration

1 Day

Delivery Format


*This class is subject to confirmation, a minimum of 10 pax/class is required.


This course will prepare you to:

  • identify stress and physical strategies for handling stress.
  • display mental strategies for handling stress and enneagram type
  • demonstrate long term stress management strategies and experience deep relaxation.


  • Senior management
  • Department heads
  • Managers
  • Assistant managers and above


  • Strategic planning:
    • Why are we doing strategic planning?
    • Why do strategic planning?
    • We have the why, now the who?
    • Where when and how?
    • The process: Start off slow.
    • Celebrate success Analysis
  • Stress and you
    • Understanding Stress
    • Signs and symptoms of stress
    • Sources of stress
    • The “relaxation response”
    • Stress vs Flow
    • Revisiting the hierarchy of needs
  • Physical strategies for handling stress
    • Can you get stressed from your surrounding?
    • Aromatherapy anyone?
    • Getting your body in tip-top condition
    • Physiology and stress
    • Relaxation techniques
  • Mental strategies for handling stress
    • What mindset have got to do with stress
    • Learning to reframe your thinking
    • “The map is not the territory”
    • Let’s go for a “movie”
    • Learn self-hypnosis
  • Stress and your enneagram type
    • What is Enneagram?
    • Do you have an Enneagram type?
    • How stress affects different Enneagram types
  • Long term stress management strategies
    • Positive self-esteem
    • Physiology and stress
    • Developing your EQ to manage stress
    • Goal setting and being highly effective
    • Creating the Gratitude Journal
    • Power of forgiveness
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