Refund (Transfer) Policy

Article 1 (Definitions)
Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalized terms used herein have the meanings assigned to them in the “Training Terms of Use”.

Article 2 (No Refund)
Under no circumstances will there be any refunds to User who have paid for training programs or courses.

Arcticle 3(Transfer)
In lieu of a refund, User may request to transfer its enrollment to a different program/course within a specified timeframe set by Company (such transfer, the “Transfer”), subject to availability and any applicable fees.Upon receipt of a request for such Transfer from a User, the Company will inform the User of the transferrable program/course by email. User will select the program/course to be transferred and notify ABeam, and if ABeam approves, the Transfer procedure is complete.

Article 4 (Cancellation or Rescheduling Rights)
The Company reserves the rights to cancel or reschedule a training program/course due to unforeseen circumstances, such as insufficient enrollment or instructor unavailability. It is advisable to check with the Company first before making payment online (online transfer or credit card). In such cases, User will be offered to transfer its enrollment to a future program/course. In this case, the transfer procedure shall be governed by the provisions of Article 3.

Article 5 (Exceptions and Discretion)
The Company reserves the right to make exceptions to this Refund (Transfer) policy in exceptional circumstances or any other reasons, at its sole discretion.

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